Interscholastic Athletics


The interscholastic athletic program provides a transition between the intramural programs of the 6th and 7th grade levels and the more competitive high school program. The program offers continued emphasis on participation and enjoyment of physical activity while allowing increased attention to coaching and skill development, with six to eight contests with other schools. Registration is online. Here are detailed instructions on how to register your student athlete. 

A current physical is required to participate in interscholastic athletics. 

BVSD uses a sports registration system called rSchool Today.  This system will follow your student throughout their years in BVSD.  You will need to create an account to register your student and in the coming years, your information will be saved for future forms.  From there you can modify any information that has changed and upload a more recent physical.

Here is a link to start your registration: BVSD Middle Schools Activities.  You can select another language in the dropdown box at the top-right if you would like it translated.  

Click on the BVSD Middle Schools Activities & Athletic Registration button "New User" to create your account.  Remember your log in and password as you will need it from year to year. 

No payment will be taken when you register for a sport.  You will be notified by your school when it's time to make a payment through RevTrak. 

Coed Flag Football (8th grade)

Registration Deadline: August 22 @10 am
Season Dates:
August 18-September 22


Cross Country (6th/7th/8th grade)

Registration Deadline: August 22 @10 am  
Season Dates: August 18-September 20  


Volleyball (8th grade)

Registration Deadline: September 26 @10 am
Season Dates: September 22-October 27

Boys Basketball (8th grade)

Registration Deadline: November 3 @10am
Season Dates: November 1-December 15

Girls Basketball (8th grade)

Registration Deadline: January 15 @10 am
Season Dates: January 10-February 15

Wrestling (6th/7th/8th grade)

Registration Deadline: February 21 @10 am
Season Dates: February 15-March 20

Boys Soccer (6th/7th/8th grade)

Registration Deadline: March 13 @10am
Season Dates: March 11-April 8

Girls Soccer (6th/7th/8th grade)

Registration Deadline: March 15 @10am
Season Dates: March 13-April 10

Track (6th/7th/8th grade)

Registration Deadline: April 12 @10am
Season Dates: April 10-May 15


Weston Steinberg
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director