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​​​​Our computer labs are a place where students are encouraged to discover, explore, invent, and collaborate within a wide range of desktop publishing, design, and engineering challenges. The technology curriculum currently consists of Computer Power, Multimedia, T.I.D.E. (Technology, Innovation, Design and Engineering), Robotics, Java Programming , and Exploratory Computers. ​

Computer Power students build the yearbook in the fall using online software, Photoshop, and digital photography. Basic Programming is also learned along with stop motion video animation and this year students will create a website using HTML via's curriculum CS Discoveries.
Multimedia Production (Film) students are able to make their ideas come to life through audio, video, and 2D and 3D design  platforms. 

T.I.D.E. students learn pre-engineering problem solving, design, and completion of projects. 

Robotics uses a classroom set of LEGO EV3 Mindstorms robot kits. This semester long class will explore robotics in the world and then students will build their own robots. An education version of LABView software will be used to program the robots to complete certain challenges in the lab. 

Java Programming students will learn how to program without needing any prior experience. Various online resources will be used along with other programming languages to make the transition fun and engaging.  This year will plan to add devices to also program. For example: Spheros, SmartFun Electronics boards, Arduinos, or Micro:bits.

Exploratory Computers is a quarter long class for sixth grade students. It explores many areas of technology including presentation software, keyboarding, programming, design (Photoshop), Internet safety and navigation, and movie production (iMovie).

Centennial has two labs: a Mac Lab with 30 nearly new desktop computers. a Dell PC lab in the TIDE/Robotics Lab to assistant with research and programming. Students and teachers also have access to multiple class sets of Chromebooks to enhance learning.

The ultimate goal is to use technology in innovative ways to enhance learning and keep students engaged. Digital Citizenship is part of all computer classes.​ It is imperative to prepare our students for success in our high tech society. ​





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