Centennial Middle School

Centennial Middle School

Centennial Middle School
Centennial is a neighborhood middle school within the Boulder Valley School District. Located in Boulder, Colorado, this tuition-free co-educational, diverse, inclusive public school serves students in grades 6th-8th.

How Is Our School Unique?

Centennial Middle School is a place where “everyone belongs.” Centennial provides an engaging and challenging academic program for students within a caring and nurturing environment. Centennial is a neighborhood school with a teaching staff committed to excellence via student centered instructional practices. While working to be instructional leaders and ensure relevancy in all we do to empower our learners, we also ensure that we teach to BVSD Content Standards, and provide a broad exploratory elective program.

Centennial offers students a high degree of personalized attention in a motivating setting. Our staff believes in a school that offers an engaging curriculum, high expectations and meaningful connections with kids. Components of Centennial include a strong emphasis on maintaining manageable class sizes. We provide talented and gifted, language, literacy and special education services. While we work diligently to engage our learners minds we are equally committed to creating a school and community culture of respect, responsibility, integrity, safety and empathy.

Our highest goal is to be effective with ALL of our students and ensure that they get the skills and supports they need within a nurturing school community.Liz Tucker, Principal
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