Art Club/Studio Space Art Club/Studio Space

Offered one time per week starting end of Sept. and lasting through the first week in May. At semester (3rd week in January,) the day of the week changes to allow different students to participate (max. capacity is 30- though due to family commitments, not all students have to participate every week.) This is a time when students can either participate in a structured activity or use the Art Studio for their own work (interdisciplinary work is also encouraged... i.e.. working on a Social Studies project involving art.)

Grade Level:

6th grade; 7th grade; 8th grade

Contact Person

Sheena Matheson

Additional Information

September 26th - December 5th, Wednesdays, 3:45-4:45


January 23rd - May 1st, TBD, 3:45-4:45

Location: Art Room